New testimony in Leamond Pierce case

By: Jenn Schanz

Leamond Pierce, the Delaware
truck driver accused of Misdemeanor Vehicular Homicide in the death of
two–year–old Aidan Curry, was back in court Wednesday.

The accident happened in December of 2011, on I–80 near Waverly.

In Pierce's statement from the day of the accident, he
mentioned the Curry's car was straddling the lane.

But in court Wednesday, Jeff Curry, Adian's father, had a
different story. In his testimony, he said despite the snow, his driving was

“We never lost control or fishtailed or swerved or
anything that day,” he said. 

The Curry family says they're convinced evidence will speak
for itself.

“We're really confident that in the end everyone will
see evidence and do what's just,” said Jennifer Brock, Aidan's mother. 

If convicted, Pierce faces up to a year behind
bars. The Curry family says they're confident in their case, and that at this
point, they just want justice for Aidan.

“It's never been about revenge or anything like that. It's always been about justice,” Brock said. 

One state trooper who testified said after inspecting Pierce's truck, he found 3 of the 10 tires to be out of alignment, but said
that shouldn't have caused major problems.

Emotions ran high for Jeff Curry, especially when describing
the crash.

He said “It knocked me out. We went into the ditch and I asked Jen [wife] if Aidan was okay…she said he wasn't moving.”

“If he [Pierce] does one single second in jail and has to pay a
single penny in the name of Aidan, then it's justice for us,” said Brock.