New Tool For Travelers

Drivers traveling the Interstate in Nebraska will soon have access to travel tips at rest stops. The State just unveiled a new information center that will supply drivers with current weather conditions and other useful information. The information centers will be set up along interstates across Nebraska. They're designed to keep drivers safe…and help with tourism. These new information centers will help prevent drivers from getting stuck in bad weather.  By just touching a screen…you can get current weather conditions for the entire state. Not only do drivers think the screens are beneficial, so do tourists.  Besides giving you current weather updates….it also encourages travelers to explore different tourism attractions, events and accomodations across the state. Governor Johanns says it's information like this that will bring more people and money into Nebraska.  The system is easy to use…you can get information in the form of video…graphics and text. Soon 30 of these will be set up at different rest stops through out the State. Right now, the rest stop near Seward is the only one to have a system at this time.  It's estimated more than 100 people use it on a daily basis.