New U.S. citizens welcomed to America

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

The Nebraska Military Department held a naturalization ceremony Monday afternoon. It was where new citizens were sworn in.

They came from several countries, including Burma, Iraq and Russia.

While many say their reasons for coming to the states are different, they agree today is a feeling like no other.

“Oh we came because we were not safe back home, and the women and girls have no rights. I feel so happy. I cannot believe that I am an American now,” Sheervan Khudhur, new citizen, said.

“You can’t find words to describe it. I was just so glad I didn’t have to go on stand because I was so emotional; every time music would play I would just be teary. You just can’t describe it. It’s awesome,” Yulia Brestel, new citizen said.

The newly recognized citizens say they’re thrilled to finally have their chance at the American dream.

Once the certificates of naturalization were handed out, they were given the chance to register to vote.