New way to track StarTran buses

Mayor Beutler is hyping a new website that will make the StarTran bus network a whole lot easier to use. If you've ever used public transit, you're well aware of how annoying it can be to sit around waiting for your bus to show up. With so many variables on the road, this is a universal problem that is almost unavoidable.

But, with GPS tracking devices on every bus in Lincoln, at least now you can find out where that bus is. StarTran says you'll find it on their website. “You can click on any of these buses and it will display the route name and number along with two upcoming nearby stops and any estimated arrival times. So you can leave your home and not have to stand in the rain any longer then you have to,” Transit Manager Larry Worth said.

And if you have access to the internet via cell phone you can log on to their website and find out where your bus is at.  And when the weather turns for the worse, knowing when your bus will arrive can save time and energy. Which is great, if you have access. 

If you can't log on to the web site, StarTran says you can always call them for bus information. But something we can all benefit from are the 13 brand new hybrid busses rolling into Lincoln this month. Each will save nearly 2 grand in gas a year and work just like any other hybrid vehicle.

“These vehicles operate electrical power up to about 35 mph. The gasoline engine recharges the batteries and provides the power at the higher speeds,” Worth said.

4 of those busses are already on the roads, 5 more will be added Friday, the rest arrive later