New Website

Many people use facebook, twitter, or myspace and willingly put their personal information on the web.

Now one website looks at those pages and many more, putting together a whole slew of information you may not know is out there, and you may not be happy to find, it's called

Owen Stuckey visited the site,”wow that gives a lot of information doesn't it.”

It shows his permanent address, how much the home costs,his parents names and Roughly how much they make. It also shows his credit score and even includes some of his hobbies.

“It feels like I'm being watched and it feels like their tracking individual people,”Stuckey said. gathers information from social networking sights like facebook, as well as online surveys, marketing lists and public records and put it all in one place.

Jason Schafer was also shocked to see his information was there as well, “I'm kind of left wondering what I can do about it just because since I didn't put this on here do I just send them an email is there any way to opt out of it.”

Spokeo does provide that opt out option. You just need to go to the site and follow the prompts.

But that's not enough for stuckey who wants everyone to know it exists.

 “I'm probably going to it might sound lame but I'm going post this on facebook so I'm at least going let my immediate friends know that its out there,” Stuckey said.