News Anchor Speaks In Lincoln About Stimulus

The city of Lincoln gained some interesting perspective on the stimulus bill Tuesday, at the annual Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, a Fox Business Network anchor came to shed some light on the topic and caused reaction from local business owners.

Over 700 people showed up Tuesday to listen to key note speaker Liz Claman share insight on the current state of the economy. We spoke with Liz as well as local business owners and all of them agreed, only time will tell if the stimulus is effective.

Even though the luncheon was sold out, you could have heard a pin drop while Fox Business anchor, Liz Claman presented to a sold out room. The topic was the new Senate approved stimulus plan, Claman says she skeptical if the plan will create the expected 3-4 million jobs but it's a place to start.

“This is something where we don't know the end of the movie or what's gonna happen. But at some point you got to grab the script and start writing and I think that's what the administration and both sides of the aisle in the senate decided they had to do..grab the bull by the horns, fix the situation or at least do something versus watching it spiral down a vortex.”  Claman said.

Owner of Wood Brother Realty, Gene Ward says if a housing portion is included in the stimulus package, he along with Lincoln homeowners could be tremendously impacted.

“Could receive 15 percent on every home they own…that's basically receiving $15,000 dollars in your pocket.”

While some company owners are hopeful the stimulus will create a trickle down effect to Lincoln businesses, some are a little more skeptical.

“This particular cure is not the perfect cure, it absolutely won't solve all the problems but in the short term it is needed. So certainly overall I'm supportive of the concept of the stimulus and I would hope it induces stimulus as opposed to bailout.”

 The future of the stimulus plan is unknown but Caman says Nebraskans should be applauded. She says, Nebraska is one of few states not in a financial deficit because of following fiscal restraint. A practice other states should have taken note of.

“And that is to know the faces of the people to whom you are lending, act lile a community bank where you know peoples names and know where to find them so if there is trouble you can work it out. Nebraska is an amazing example that should be held up to the rest of the nation as the way they should done it.” Caman said.

In her presentation Caman shared a little financial advice. She says her number one tip is get 401K finances in order and take some chances and invest in the stock market.