News Producer

Channel 8 KLKN-TV is looking for the next generation of News Producers. You’ll be responsible for stories on our broadcast and digital platforms during specific dayparts. Looking for journalists first and foremost.

Ideal candidate has a love of writing and knows how to write for different presentation platforms. You are a news junkie who always wants to be the first to tell people what’s going on. You have a love of local storytelling and the technical acumen to bring your words to life on a screen of any size. Your social media sites are the most popular in your circle and you are always looking for new ways to tell stories.

You are a true team player but can work independently when needed. You’ll be tapped to work on special projects, field producing, podcast producing, and many more adventures during your time here.

No matter what your dream position is, producing is a steppingstone to success into that role. The producer is the “knows-how-to-do-it-all” position in the newsroom and we are looking for strong producers to strengthen our brand and build a new future of KLKN.

College degree in journalism or communications preferred. Please email your resume and reel link to

Please denote how you became aware of this position in your response.

Equal Opportunity Employer – all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

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