No Alcohol In City Parks

By: Kayla Bremer

Lincoln Police crack down on alcohol use outside of Tuesday night's Pinewood bowl concert. A reminder for people making their way out to Pinewood Bowl for upcoming concerts, you can drink at the concert.  But alcohol outside the gates is not allowed. Some people found that out the hard way Tuesday night.

With the summer concert series at Pinewood bowl, city officials want to remind the public that city parks are alcohol free. Pioneers Park is bringing some big names to the stage this summer. Many people in Lincoln have already made their way out to a show or two.

“We pay good money to come to these concerts and I don't want to sit next to a person that is totally wiped out drunk where I can't even enjoy myself there so I'm glad they have set some limits there and said no to the parking lot,” Denise Hayden of Lincoln said.

But at the My Morning Jacket concert, some found themselves walking away with more than memories of the show. 32-alcohol-related citations were given to people drinking outside the venue, mainly in parking lots.

“Alcohol is sold inside at the Pinewood bowl venue however it is not allowed elsewhere in the park or the parking areas,” Officer Katie Flood said.

Tailgating is allowed in the parking lots prior to the show, just leave the alcohol at home. Once you have shown your ticket to get inside the show, alcohol will be available for purchase. We spoke with a couple who was attending the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert and got their opinion on whether they think drinking should be allowed outside of the bowl.

“As long as people abide by the rules and don't get carried away I, I think that adults ought to be able to handle that responsibility,” Robert Hayden of Lincoln said.

People need to remember that although alcohol is allowed in state parks that city parks will remain off limits.