No end in sight for drought

By: Ashley Harding

The lack of rain and dry temps have been a constant pain in our sides for the last few months, especially those we rely on to grow our food.

“It's always tough to plant a crop and see it come up and get a good start then dry out,” said John Crook, a farm owner.

And if you were hoping to see an end to the drought sometime soon, don't get your hopes up.

At a meeting held at UNL, officials with the National Drought Mitigation Center made their predictions saying we can expect more high temps and low rainfall for the at least several more months.

These are words U.S. Senator Ben Nelson isn't fond of hearing. Especially when a short time ago, Congress failed to pass a five-year farm bill which he says would help with the drought.

“Stop playing partisan politics and tell the Tea Party people that they don't run this country. Tell the Tea Part people that it is important the House, the Senate, have a farm bill,” said Nelson.

Earlier this week, President Obama pushed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to authorize $30 million as a means of doing what the farm bill promises. While it serves as some relief during tough times, all one can really do is wait and hope.