Noise Pollution Study

How much noise are you exposed to on a daily basis and could it be affecting your health?   

The Health Department is conducting a one of a kind study hoping to answer those questions.     Over the next two years, the Health Department is hoping to get around 400 different readings of noise levels around the city.   

They're placing small monitors on peoples' lawns across Lincoln. The constant noise level from interstate 80 prompted some residents of this community to volunteer for this study.  This relatively quiet neighborhood has little through traffic  but constant noise from the interstate could be affecting some peoples' health.   

That's where little orange boxes come into play.  The Health Department places the device, equipped with a mic on the end of this long grey hose that will take a reading every minute for 24 hours.  These readings will then be downloaded onto a computer and analyzed by a team of researchers from Columbia College in Chicago.   

The last noise study in Lincoln was about 25 years ago. Since then, the capital city has grown by about 75-thousand people.  The researchers hope all the data is compiled, and they will make recommendations to the city where necessary. Especially in areas right next to a constant source of noise.    

For more information and to become a volunteer in the study you can contact the Health Department at 441-6541.