Norfolk Man Honored as Hero During Husker Game

        Twenty-five year old Geoffrey Bennett of Norfolk jumped in action when he saw two people badly injured in a car accident last December, now he’s being honored as Nebraska’s citizen hero during today’s hero’s Husker’s game.

        To say Bennett is uncomfortable being called a hero is an understatement, "I just kind of did what had to be done at that point."

        Bennett was on I-80 in Omaha on a snowy day last December when he approached what he thought was a fender bender. When he saw a man frantically waving his arms he jumped into action.

        "I thought there were groceries on the ground then I saw a guy walking around the car waving his arms yelling. I ran up there and that’s when I kind of realized there were two human beings laying on the ground in the middle of all the groceries," Bennett said.

        The two people on the ground were 34-year old Hesbeidy Rodriguez and 28-year old Miguel Ramierez.

        Rodriguez and her family were having car trouble and pulled over along an on ramp on the interstate. Ramierez, who’s a family friend, came to help.

        As they stood by Rodriguez’s disabled car the two were hit by a vehicle who lost control in the snowy conditions. Rodriguez and Ramierez had severe leg injuries and that’s when Bennett jumped in to help. "I just took off my belt and fastened it of to one leg and got more belts and just did the only thing I really knew what to do and that was stop the bleeding," he said.

        Ramierez had to have both legs amputated, while Rodriguez had one leg amputated and a broken pelvis.

        Shortly after getting out of the hospital, Rodriguez got to meet her hero for the first time.

        Bennett’s quick thinking and willingness to help likely saved both lives. His selfless act was why he was selected as this years Nebraska Hy-Vee Hero. Bennett was honored during half-time of the Nebraska Iowa game.

        While Bennett is honored to have been chosen for the award he still doesn’t consider himself a hero,  "I didn’t really think too much of it. I was just glad they were able to see their kids again and they were able to spend the holidays with their families."

        Bennett and his family were given tickets to the Nebraska Iowa game and he was also honored during a special hero’s breakfast Saturday morning.