Norris School Students Back in Class

Many people thought it couldn't be done, but just 3-months after the Norris School was nearly destroyed by a tornado, all 17-hundred students returned Tuesday for their first day of school.

It took some creative scheduling and a lot of portable classrooms, but Norris is a fully functioning school again. When an f-4 tornado left the Norris school nearly destroyed over three months ago, it didn't seem possible that it could be ready for school to begin in September. But the school students returned to Tuesday morning is definitely not the same one they left in may. Half of the classes are being held in portable classrooms, and construction workers are a constant sight on campus. The auditorium is still completely gone, and damage to the school's kitchen means only cold lunches. But even with all the changes, teachers say the first day went surprisingly smoothly.

Superintendent Roy Baker says it's his goal to have all of the students out of the portables and back in regular classrooms by December. Norris did start about three weeks late because of the construction, but they have eliminated a few days off so the last day will still be before the end of may.