Norris School Will be Open This Fall

Last month's tornadoes did heavy damage to Norris School. So much, students and teachers wonder if it will be re-opened by fall. On Tuesday, Superintendent Roy baker told Channel 8 Eyewitness News that's exactly what will be happening this fall .

What was once a disaster zone now feels more like a construction site. Two weeks ago, the seats were all that remained of the auditorium. Now, the entire area has been bulldozed. Contractors and construction workers are everywhere and Superintendent Baker says the work is nearly constant.

But the good news for Norris doesn't stop there. At Mickle Middle School in Lincoln, a group of seventh graders has raised 2,300 dollars they're donating to Norris.

Including Tuesday's donation from the Mickle students, Superintendent Baker says almost ten-thousand dollars has been donated to their rebuilding effort. That money will be used to replace classroom items that weren't covered by insurance. And Superintendent Baker told me everybody is very touched by the outpouring of support.