North Star Robotics Club

Posted By: Nolan Crane

The robotics club at North Star High School is celebrating a big achievement. They were the only school representing the capital city at a statewide competition. Here’s tonight’s “Excellence in Education” report.

In the classroom robots are not only fun, they are also a teaching tool to help students learn science, technology and math. Members of the club spent more than 100 hours building these robots. They used physics to determine the size of the wheels and the speed the robots travel. 

“We put in I’d say about three or four Saturday’s from like ten to one, then we did lots of after school work,” says Bailey Bernadt.

“It’s just a lot of trial and error. You just have to keep trying and keep working with it, and that way it will make a robot successful,” says Stephen Bui.

“When their having fun and it appears like chaos, in the classroom there’s actually a lot of learning going on. It just doesn’t look like it and you can’t pinpoint it, and you can’t put a test score to it, but you know it’s going on,” says Charmain Satree.

These students came in 13th place in a statewide competition. They’ll have another chance to compete April 17th in Omaha.

Members of the North Star Robotics Club say they are going to rebuild the robots steal frame, to make it aluminum. They hope making it lighter will earn them a top prize.