North Star Student Accident Memorial

A North Star High school student is dead and a Milford high school student is fighting for her life after a single car rollover Tuesday night.

The fatal accident happened on a gravel road east of Pleasant Dale, about seven-miles west of Lincoln.

Police are still investigating what exactly happened Tuesday night, but they do know the car lost control just a few feet away from the girl's driveway.

Friends of North Star student… 17-year-old Scott Down, say it's hard to remember their friend who they thought was here this morning.

After finding out down died in a single car rollover around 9:30 Tuesday night and then learning Down's friend, Milford high student, 15-year-old Brittany Shaw was life flighted to Bryan LGH West in critical condition.

The group of friends agrees the news hasn't quite set in.

Sheriff's officials say Down and Shaw drove to her grandmother's house several miles away to study for school.

On their way back, investigators are still piecing together what caused the driver to lose control of the car, flipped the vehicle, and then eject both students out of the car.

The teens crashed and landed only twenty-feet away from Shaw's driveway.

Mark Cole employed Down at C and C Body Shop.

He says his wife heard Down's name on the news.

Cole says down was a hard worker and had a real passion for cars.

Sheriff's officials say neither student was wearing a seat belt.

Down's friends and co-worker say that's not like him at all.

Down's friends and teacher are trying to help out the down family with expenses.

They are asking for donations to help the family in their time of need.

If you would like to help you can send money to Miss Satree at North Star High School at 5801 N. 33rd St. Lincoln, NE 68504.