Nuclear plant employees exposed to radiation

An investigation continues into why three workers were exposed to radiation at a nuclear power plant southeast of Lincoln.

Despite the potential danger seen at Fukushima, nuclear plants continue to power much of the world, including in southeast Nebraska.  That's why the investigation into the cause behind radiation exposure at the Cooper Nuclear Station in Brownville is so anticipated.

The Nebraska Public Power District runs Cooper.  So and so explains by phone what they know.  Spokesperson Mark Brecker says, “We were replacing a flexible tube that is used to protect monitoring instrumentation and during that removal, several employees were exposed to some radiation.”

Monday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced three plant workers had been exposed April 3.  They blame it on human error.  The tube contaminated by radiation was taken out of the bottom of the reactor vessel instead of the top.  NPPD insists that nothing like this has happened in recent years and corrective actions will be taken when the investigation is complete.  It says until then, there is no need to worry, despite what's being seen around the world.  Brecker says “We believe nuclear power is a safe operation, especially at Cooper.  This is an isolated event and again,, the workers were not above any exposure limits and no one from the outside, from the external should be concerned about that exposure.”