Nude store mannequin causes a stir

Courtesy: Beatrice Daily Sun

A store mannequin is the subject of controversy in downtown Beatrice.

Beatrice police have stirred up a debate over obscenity by covering up a downtown store window after a female mannequin lost its pants.

The window at Hannah's Treasures was partly covered by paper for about a day last week until the closed shop's owner was reached. City Attorney Tobias Tempelmeyer said Monday he can't say whether the disrobed mannequin was obscene until he receives police reports.

Store owner Kevin Kramer's lawyer, Dustin Garrison told the Beatrice Daily Sun that Kramer might sue over the dispute. Garrison says nothing about a naked mannequin is obscene. Tempelmeyer says the dispute was resolved amicably, and he's OK with the bikini the mannequin is wearing now.