Ofc. Kerrie Orozco’s funeral ceremony

By: Camila Orti


It was a solemn day in Omaha as people from the community and beyond gathered by the thousands to pay their final respects to 29-year-old Ofc. Kerrie Orozco, who was killed in the line of duty last week.

The detective’s funeral began 11 a.m. Tuesday at St. John’s Catholic Church on Creighton University’s campus in Omaha.

“Her family truly wants this time of sorrow and tears to fade and there to be a lasting smile for the contributions Kerrie’s made to the world,” Fr. William Bond said during the ceremony.

Bond presided over the service, but it was Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer that shared what Det. Orozco meant to OPD and the community she served.

“The greatest aspect of knowing Kerrie was she got people to look past the fact that she was a police officer,” Schmaderer said, “she had a way of connecting and getting you to see past the uniform and seeing her just as a person.”

The Boys and Girls Club baseball team that Orozco coached- one of many ways she gave back to the community- was at the funeral, as well as many state leaders including Gov. Pete Ricketts and Atty. Gen. Doug Peterson.

As the family entered and exited the church, hundreds of law enforcement officers from precincts across the state and country lined the pathway in salute, a “gauntlet.”

“Thank you Kerrie for allowing the Omaha Police Dept. and the community to be a part of your life, we will now return the favor and watch over your family, especially your newborn Olivia Ruth,” Schmaderer said.

The processional began outside the church and ended at St. Joseph Cemetery in Council Bluffs, where Orozco was laid to rest.

Orozco leaves behind a husband, two stepchildren and a 3-month-old daughter. She was a member of the Omaha Police Dept. for seven years.