Update: Officers dragged by car in routine traffic stop

By: Kayla Bremer

What began with a minor traffic violation ended with both officers in the hospital.

The man accused of dragging the officers with his car has a troubled past and how he's facing three more felonies.

It all began after a routine traffic stop shortly after midnight.  Police say 18–year–old Shahbaz Mohammad didn't properly identify himself when they asked.  They say he then refused to get out of the car.

That's when one of the officers reached inside the window to unlock the door.

“At that point, the driver put the vehicle into gear and accelerated quickly eastbound through the lot,” Officer Katie Flood said.  “That officer held on to the vehicle, was drug approximately 130 feet before he was able to let go.  The second officer was also clinging to the vehicle.”

That officer hung on for ten blocks.

“Speeds at that point reached up to 70 miles per hour,” Flood said.  “In the 3100 block of Cornhusker, the driver slowed to approximately 20 miles per hour and the officer was able to let go and safely fall to the ground.”

A third officer then began chasing the red Honda Civic but ended the pursuit at 44th and Cornhusker when speeds reached near 100 miles per hour. 

Both officers were treated and released from the hospital.  They were unavailable for comment but police say at one point the officer that was dragged ten blocks feared for his life.

“I can't imagine what was going through his mind but I know that he was fearful for death or even serious injury.”

Police arrested Mohammad near 84th and Van Dorn at five o'clock this morning.

He faces three felonies including two counts of assault on an officer and fleeing to avoid arrest.