Officials concerned about illegal fireworks

Posted By: Megan Conway

As stands prepare to sell fireworks in Lincoln tomorrow, safety officials are concerned about illegal ones. One organization temporarily sold bottle rockets and if you weren't aware, those are illegal in Nebraska and officials will tell you, for good reason.

The group that sold them here locally, has since taken the illegal products off their shelves, but if you purchased them. You can be ticketed for just having them in your possession, even if you haven't lit them off.

"They're dangerous because a bottle rocket has a rocket motor, which essentially is emitting flames, so it'll fly through the air. Since you can't control the flight pattern of it, they come down to the ground hot, still emitting that flame being ejected out of the back of the bottle rocket," says Don Gross, Fire Inspector for Lincoln Fire and Rescue.

Gross says that's what causes the huge fire danger. Just last Tuesday, a dumpster was set on fire due to bottle rockets.

If you bought illegal fireworks unknowingly or have some you didn't use after the holiday is over, Lincoln Fire and Rescue is having a firework amnesty day this Sunday, July 5th, at Oak Lake from 10 1 p.m. You can turn in any fireworks, legal or illegal, with no questions asked.