Officials warn residents to stay indoors during bad weather

Near whiteout conditions at 27th and Highway 2

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

A wintry blast has brought ice and snow to Nebraska and Iowa, but it’s the frigid temperatures coupled with strong winds that have officials warning residents to stay indoors.

In Nebraska, snow fell intermittently from Friday afternoon into Saturday, with amounts of up to three inches expected in much of the eastern part of the state by late Saturday.

Snow moved into Iowa overnight and is expected throughout Saturday, with 1 to 3 inches expected in much of the state, more in the northernmost reaches of Iowa.

But the National Weather Service says winds will turn single-digit to below-zero temperatures into dangerously low wind chills.

Wind chill warnings have been issued for both states, with some areas expected to see wind chills of 30-below zero.