Specialist store brings Apple products to Lincoln

By: Jenn Schanz

It seems the minute after you buy a new iPad, iPhone, or MacBook, there's a newer version on the market.

Apple products are in global demand, and there are stores all over world, just not in Lincoln.

But for Mac users, that's no longer a problem.

“We're really hoping to be able to provide people that service; everything they expected out of the Apple store, now they don't have to drive an hour away to get that,” says Vinny Bigginer.

He's the manager of Simply Mac, a new store in Gateway Mall.

The Apple specialist store sells the same products and offers the same services as Apple, Inc. It's the largest specialist store in the country.

Simply Mac acts as an arm for Apple, by setting up shop in smaller cities.

“They'd [Apple] come back to us and say hey here's a market that we'd love to have you in, because we just don't have much of an interest in them quite yet. And we'd love to still be able to service people who have Apple needs and questions and repairs in some of these communities,” says Regional Manager of Simply Mac, Bryce Cranmer.

But Simply Mac puts a resale twist on buying new electronics.

“You know you've got an old computer that's a couple years old, we can buy it back from you and put that credit towards something new,” says Bigginger.

Simply Mac's employees are given the same training as Apple technicians, but with a smaller staff and space, Bigginger says he hopes to provide a more personal approach to service.

Simply Mac's grand opening is Sept. 6-7th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.