Old Cheney at 70th set to reopen

Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

The road closed sign at 70th and Old Cheney has been up for almost 11 months.

Doug Wilken lives in the nearby neighborhood, he says, “You drive about a half mile further than you normally have to just to get out of the neighborhood, so that got old pretty quick.”

In the coming days the road will finally reopen, according to Thomas Schafer with Lincoln Public Works. Schafer says, “I’m very happy to see us reach a completion point.  I know folks have been frustrated with how long this has taken, it’s certainly not something that we like to see take this long.”

The project was originally supposed to wrap up in late November, but record cold temperatures caused a set back.

Now, some recent days with temps above normal, have moved the process along quite nicely.

The once bumpy two lane road is now a smooth four lanes. That includes left turn lanes, something not available before.

Shafer expects by Monday morning drivers headed to work will be able to take that part of Old Cheney. He does warn that at times over the coming weeks, there could be lane closures, as crews finish up some of the final pieces of the project and cleanup.