Old Cheney Project

Improvements to the stretch of Old Cheney between 70th and 84th have been in the works for years, but now homeowners are raising concerns about how much it's going to take.

Before the widening Old Cheney between 70th and 84th project gets the green light Its plans are going to hit some speed bumps. Like removing trees they've already planted. And engineers say because of safety they will need to buy space from homeowners like Thomas Taylor to build medians and right turn lanes.  “They could do this project…without having to buy my fence without having to fix my sprinkler system, without having to buy my property, Taylor says.”

Current city ordinance requires the medians and turn lanes, but city councilman Jon Camp agrees with homeowners and has proposed an amendment. “the only alternative at this point because we did put this in legislation in 2003, interestingly enough, is to introduce this new legislation that amends that ordinance to delete the right turn lanes and the medians, Camp says.”

Neighbors like Taylor say the project is becoming too costly. He says the project should fit between residents' existing fences, “when we bought our properties everyone told us that they would make it very similar to what highway 2 to 70th St is and everybody planned for that. We planted trees and shrubs and put in sprinkler systems and fences. Now all of a sudden it's becoming excessive.”