Omaha Man’s Post-Conviction Motion To Get Another Look

By: KLKN Newsroom

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP)  The Nebraska Supreme Court has ordered a lower court to reconsider a bid for a new trial by an Omaha man convicted of a 1999 Omaha killing and sentenced to life in prison.

Jack Harris alleges in his post-conviction motion that the state’s primary witness lied when he testified it was Harris who shot and killed Anthony Jones in 1995. Harris has affidavits from other people who say the state’s witness confessed to them to being the one who killed Jones.

A Douglas County District Court dismissed Harris’ motion last year, saying Harris had other motions for relief pending.

But the high court ruled Friday that the lower court should have addressed the merits of Harris’ claims, because, if proven true, they would throw Harris’ conviction into question.