One Lincoln Drug Store Could Save You Money

For seniors or people on a fixed income, prescription drugs eat up a bulk of their money. In fact drug costs keep going higher and higher. So now, some are looking north to Canada, to help save money. One Lincoln store is doing just that. R-X Depot is offering drugs for less money. R-X Depot says most people save anywhere from forty to seventy percent on each prescription. However, savings like that is attracting people's attention…including the U-S Government. The Food and Drug Administration has concerns by the fact the Canadian drugs were not approved by them. When in fact its the same drug in the manufacture's bottle. They say they have the person's medical history reviewed by a physician and local pharmacists don't.

R-X Depot is one of 18 stores in the U-S that deal with Canadian Pharmacies. The F-D-A is closely watching this new way of purchasing drugs…but so far no action has been taken against the Lincoln Store.