One month later, businesses weigh in on P Street Project’s completion

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Threads Footloose and Fancy has been a staple in downtown Lincoln since 1975.

Jane Stricker has owned the shoe and now outerwear shop for the past 13 years. In the last year, her business was one of several that beared the brunt of the P Street Renovation Project.

“We had the barricades and all of the construction when they packed up at night, everything was loaded in front of our store,” Stricker remembered. “So we looked closed for literally 6 months.”

Stricker said thankfully, they were never in the red.

“We took a hit,” she said. “But our customers are great, so they kept finding ways to get into our store even when the sidewalk was closed.”

It’s been about a month since construction ended. That means business for Threads is picking up.

Just down the street is a different story.

Bulu Box, located at 13th and P Streets, sells vitamin and mineral supplements online. So business was never affected.

“All of the new retailers on P Street enables us to better attract talent for our company who want to come work in this area,” co-founder Stephanie Jarrett said.

It’s no doubt the P Street district has a new look: expanded sidewalks, new signs and benches and the new Tower Square. Additions that business owners said have helped draw in more people this fall.

“It’ll be a good test to see if people come down even when there’s not football,” Stricker said.

The bi–annual Shop the Blocks event is November 20. It’ll be the first time people will experience it in the new P Street district.