One Year Anniversary Of Toddlers Death

A Lincoln family is marking a somber anniversary.

A year ago Tuesday, one year-old Isiaha Spencer was run over by an SUV in a parking lot outside his home.   

His family believes the driver should have been held accountable for what happened.

But no charges were ever filed.   

They had just come home from shopping with a friend.   

He dropped them off at there apartment complex near 19th and H streets.

Somehow, Isiaha wandered back toward the SUV and was run over.

The Spencer's blame the driver, who they say, wasn't paying attention.

They also say he had been drinking.   

But, blood alcohol tests, conducted by police, showed alcohol was not involved.   

After an investigation, police say they couldn't prove the driver of the SUV committed any offense.   

They believe Isiaha's death was truly a tragic accident.  

The Spencer say they're still haunted by this incident a year later.