Online Budget Survey Results Released

In April, Lincoln residents were asked to take part in an online survey about changes to city budget.

The results are in and over 1800 Lincoln residents participated in the “Taking Charge” online survey, which covered 25 budget, program and service issues.

The majority of respondants were open to increasing property taxes for things like community services, asbestos inspection and health screenings for the homeless.

Services that had the strongest support among residents indluded maintaining neighborhood libraries and pools.

City officials say, across the board, residents were passionate about these issues.

Services that participants were stongly against included air quality investigations, prevention of youth tobacco-use, and parks and recreation programs.

Some of the issues lincolnites seemed to be split on included funding for municipal band concerts and snow removal.

What we've provided you with today is just a brief summary of results, you can get a full list of results by going to

And though this was just a survey, it could play a pretty significant role in how Government officals make decisions on the city budget.