Online Safety Tips

It's a new age when it comes to the Internet with just a click of the mouse you can connect with people all over so how do you make sure you're kids are safe while surfing the web?

It was a happy ending to a scary story as 15–year–old Melody Martin was found safe after meeting up with 30 year old Robert Olney who she met online, her mother Roma Gibbs says she had no clue.

“I never thought this would happen to her never and then all of a sudden she disappears with some guy that she really doesn't know.” Gibbs said

So what can you do to keep your kids safe while surfing the web Thor Schrock with Schrock Innovations answer is pretty basic.

“This is the 21st version of stranger danger, you have to first keep your computer in a family environment, dining room, kitchen, second there are some web sites that aren't age appropriate,” Schrock said.

He says have a good old fashioned talk with your kids, know all of their usernames and passwords and check them regularly.

“There should be no secrets, you're a parent, your child has no right to privacy in your house you watch what they do because you're protecting them,” Schrock said.

You can subscribe to things like cyber nanny or net nanny, which can block certain web sites and keep you up to date on what your kids are looking at but Schrock says that's not 100% full proof and kids can override it.

Melody's mom says all parents need to take this seriously.

“It needs to be out there for all parents to know you need to have some kind of parental controls on your computer and check it often” Schrock said.