Opening Arguments In Grand Island Murder Case

A Grand Island man, accused of beating his two-year-old daughter to death because she wet the bed, went on trial in Lincoln Monday. Opening arguments and witness testimony were presented in the trial of 22 year old Germai Molina.

Opening arguments lasted about 45 minutes. During that time the defense and the prosecution told the jury two very different versions how the little two year old died in July of 2003. The trial was moved to Lancaster county after Molina's attorney's requested and won a change of venue because of media attention surrounding the case in Grand Island. In opening arguments, Deputy Hall County Attorney Mark Young told the jury that Molina killed his daughter Diana because she did not potty train fast enough. He went on to say the beating spanned over a 36-hour, time period, before she was pronounced dead at a Grand Island hospital. Young told the jury they would see several pieces of evidence that prove Germai Molina maliciously killed his daughter, including a belt prosecutors say was used in the beating.

However Hall County Public Defender Gerry Piccolo says something much different caused little Diana's death. He says Diana died from injuries she got after falling down three flights of stairs. Piccolo says Germi Molina loved his little girl who had a history of health problems.