Opening Weekend at the Nebraska State Fair

Opening weekend at the Nebraska State Fair just wrapped up. So do people think it was worth the move to Grand Island?

If you build it, they will come. While the transition from Lincoln to Grand Island was just as much a roller coaster ride as the carnival pieces themselves.

Now that the eight new fair buildings are up, the concrete padding has been laid and the booths have been set some fairgoers like Colton Allen say they think the Nebraska State fair is better than ever.

“It seems like in Lincoln everything was like apart and parking was so far way from it all the parking is really close here and of course know everyone here,” Allen said.

And even for those who don't. Take the Hedrick's exotic animals staff in from Kansas they say it's fun meeting family's from all over the state.

“They're coming from all over the state there's people from over around the Lincoln area, Omaha, met a family from imperial, some friends from north Platte here from Norfolk so they're coming from all over the state it's really interesting,”Joe Hedrick said.

Petting zoo staff say not only have they seen people from all over the state but they've also seen between one and two hundred people ride their camels in just the first weekend.

“Petting zoo and pig races are so family oriented it's for little kids, grandmas, grandpas everybody and they have a lot of activities though here at the fair this year so people are coming and they're staying, walking around and just seem like they're having a great time,” Hedrick said.