Oscar moment spreads nationwide talk about a disease

 Posted By: Reid Kilmer

A movie that won an Oscar is putting a spotlight on a disease that effects a lot of families.

Julianne Moore won “Best Actress” for her role as a woman with early on–set dementia in the movie “Still Alice.”

Her speech Sunday night began a nationwide movement to bring more awareness to the disease.

Her recent use of the hash tag #stillalice is being used to spread awareness evolving into personal hash tags.

Alzheimer’s effects more than 5 million Americans.

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia.

Sharon Paul sits with her 91–year–old mother who’s been diagnosed with Dementia and tries to bring positivity into her both of their lives.

But coping with a life changing event has not been easy.

Sharon Paul visits her 91-year-old mother at country house residences in Lincoln. Although her mother was diagnosed with Dementia, Paul says people living with this disease are still real people.

Paul said, “You could go a whole lifetime and not meet people any better than these people but they’re just wholesome wonderful people who really care.”

Brad Anderson just recently placed his wife into a facility to help with her dementia.

She was diagnosed at the early age of 55.

Anderson says local support groups have gotten him through some tough times. He advises people who are seeking someone to talk to reach out to a group.

Anderson said, “Once you start identifying with other people who are going through it you have a common ground and you can actually open up to these folks and have an open communication and you feel like i’m not alone. You feel like somebody understands and i don’t have to explain myself. We just talk about what’s happening.”

Anderson told us he hopes an increase in awareness and funding to cure this disease comes in the very near future.