Our Nebraska week

Thursday night was another piece of Our Nebraska week.

Husker Coach Mike Riley and volleyball player Tiani Reeves shared their stories about race, inclusion, and diversity.

"We all have to remember we don’t necessarily know how it feels, so all we know is he knows how he feels and when he does that were going to support him as a team," said Riley.

Coach Riley shared several stories about working through racial issues and diversity in the locker room. This event was a chance for UNL students, faculty, and the community to ask him how he deals with difficult situations revolving around diversity.

Reeves also shared her story about growing up as an African American in small town Nebraska.

"As a really little kid I didn’t think that any of my friends looked any different than me. I can remember sometimes sitting at the table and them pointing out the fact that I was black and I was like, what are you talking about, and then I looked down and I was like, oh that is what you’re talking about," Reeves said.

The event continues tomorrow evening, where people can come together and put all the ideas they learned this week into action.