Outdoor workers fighting the heat this week

Heat advisories and triple digits, would make most us run for the pool or stay in the house, but for those doing outdoor jobs, there’s no stopping, in spite of the heat.

However some see the positives.

"The way I look at it, basically, get paid to exercise, so that’s how I see it," said Geno Nnaya, who works for White Castle Roofing.

Managing the heat is the name of the game for worker like Geno Nnaya and Josh Oberle, who both work for White Castle Roofing.

They say they can work on one to two houses per day or week long projects. One of the biggest keys to staying cool is drinking a lot of water. This is how much Josh drinks.

"About a gallon or two a day, so they provide us with big water jugs, ice. They have an ice machine at the shop. Yeah and they provide us with everything we need, Gatorade, stuff like that," said Oberle.

And even some good samaritans have helped along the way.

Oberle said, "An ice cream truck cam by and my coworker ran out to buy a popsicle, and she saw we were working and she just decided to give them to us."

White Castle Roofing employs around 75 people in the Lincoln area and operate 40 trucks. They say, they have hundreds of projects going on around Lincoln and Omaha this Summer.

Geno says he gets a good laugh when people who don’t work outdoors complain.

"Like my mom, who works in a doctor’s office, she’ll call me, like, ‘Hey, it’s so hot outside.’ Mom you’ve been inside for eight hours and I’ve been outside for 12."

But in this weather the say it’s good to be careful, especially with the current heatwave.

"It’s definitely warm, you just got to take your time, really. We try and take as many breaks as we can. We might move at a little bit slower pace. You know, maybe the production level on the daily level isn’t as high, but at the end of the day it’s just what we have to do to take care of ourselves," said Oberle.

White Castle Roofing will also call off jobs, if they deem temperatures too severe for work. Employees also start early in the day to avoid the hottest temperatures.