Woman finds burglar in her kitchen

By: Newsroom

In one of two overnight crimes, a Lincoln woman got a frightening surprise.

The crimes happened just after midnight.  Lincoln police say a woman in a house near 50th and Holdrege thought her son was in the kitchen until she heard something fall. She ran into the kitchen and found a strange man had broken into her home. When the woman yelled at the stranger and he ran past her and out the front door.

Police searched the area with a dog but were unsuccessful. Nothing was taken from the home. Police are looking for a light-skinned male in his early twenties, 6'2, 190 lbs.

Just down the street near 49th and Holdrege, Lincoln Police found an SUV in the middle of an intersection. It was registered to a man who lives close by.

When police went to the car owner's house, they found that someone entered the side door of the man's garage and pushed the car into the street.

Investigators have no suspects in either case, but they say they can't rule out that these incidents could be connected.