‘P’ Street vision

Posted By:  Ashley Harding

Consultants hope to break ground on reshaping downtown P Street by next summer.

The goal is to increase appeal and bring in more growth.  There's already been some feedback and a lot of residents' concerns has to do with things like traffic, parking, and safety. But, they're interested in cool additions, too.

On Friday, residents voted on how to improve the look of P Street. 

“It was nice to see what other people thought about the presentation with the poll coming up like that,” Lincoln resident Kade Snyder said.

Some of the biggest concerns had to do with the way we move around P Street.  The majority said they want three lanes for the road.  They also want to improve safety for bicyclists by adding a striped bike lane. They also said it wouldn't hurt to widen the sidewalks.

And as for coming up with something new for the city the development team, Design Workshop, suggested something called “parklets”.

It's where they remove a couple of parking spots and replace them with things like patio and benches.

“That would definitely add some interesting space along the streets, that I think people would like. Especially the students and younger crowd,” Lincoln resident Michael Killeen said.

Officials say the renovation will cost roughly $4.5 million.  The money will come from funds left over from other downtown projects.

“I'm really excited to see the next presentation and all they come up with. Just to see the different design strategies, the different bike lanes, intersections. I'm just excited to see what happens with it,” Snyder said.

Ideas are still coming in and officials still want to hear from you.  You can log onto:  www.envisionpstreet.com