Pace Woods Memorial

Almost a week after his passing 86–year–old Pace Woods was remembered in a touching funeral service Sunday afternoon.

Gene Brake was an associate and friend to pace woods for 34 years. He talks about the emotional funeral service that highlighted the life of his truly special friend.

“Pace woods was the epitome of a gentleman, he was a bright business man, a very generous giver,” brake said.

In short Woods was a Lincoln legend.

86–year–old F. Pace Woods passed away last Monday and was memorialized at an afternoon service held at First Plymouth Congregational church Sunday by friends, family, colleagues and community leaders.

He was a well read leader. He loved fine things, fine art. He loved theater. He loved the excitement of the real estate business.

Woods began his professional life in Hollywood, directing hit series like the Dina Shore show and The Bob Hope show.

He later moved back home and became an integral part in making the family owned Woods Brothers Realty into one of the top real estate firms in the state.

But all that was just business, those closest to him say at heart he was more of a philanthropist, friend and fan of all things fun.

And perhaps the surest sign that he really was as wonderful as his coworker and comrade of 34 years says he was.

Anywhere from 3 to 4 hundred people attended woods' funeral.

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