UPDATE: Arrests made in connection to paintball vandalism

Posted by: Channel 8 Eyewitness News


UPDATE: Lincoln Police have arrested two juveniles in connection with paintball crimes from over the weekend.  Police say a witness gave them the license plate number on a white Mazda involved in at least 31 paintball vandalism and assaults from just this weekend.  The plate led Police to a 16 year-old and a 17 year-old. The two males have been refereed to juvenile court.


Terry Preister got home Friday evening after a successful day raising money for Matt Talbott Kitchen outside the Russ’ Market near 66th and O. She was leaning into the back of her SUV, gathering the day’s donations to carry into the house, when she felt a sharp pain.

"And I’m bending over getting the buckets and emptying them into two buckets to count the money and all of a sudden I got shot in the back…and I thought it was real," Preister said.

It took Terry a second to even realize it was a paintball. 

"It was wet," she said."I really thought I’d been shot. I thought it was blood."

Terry says she turned and saw a car with two young men inside, less than two feet away. 

"When I yelled I’ve been shot, I mean I was crying, and this kid I looked him straight in the eye. And he says, ‘we got to get out of here’ and they took off driving."

Lincoln Police reported 17 cases of paintball gun vandalism and assault in Southeast Lincoln Friday. They say the assaults happened sometime between mid-afternoon and early evening. The guns caused minor damage to homes and cars, but police say they’re more worried about the assaults on people, which can cause serious injury–especially in such close range.

Terry herself is sick and has been in and out of the Mayo Clinic. Getting hit point blank with a paintball left her with a sizeable welt, a bruise that spreads the width of her back, and a significant amount of pain. She says this may just be a joke to the people responsible, but it’s not a joke to her.

"They were probably just thinking they were having a good old time," she said. "Well I called the police, because it wasn’t a good old time for me."

Terry says she saw two clean-shaven white males with short brown hair get into a white two-door vehicle with a license plate number beginning in a "u". 

Police say vehicle and suspect description differed in some of these instances, so there may be other cars to watch for as well.

Lincoln Police report 17 cases of vandalism and assault in Southeast Lincoln Friday, all caused by suspects with paintball guns. They say all the assaults happened between mid-afternoon and early evening. 

In some cases, there was minor damage to homes and cars, but, more concerning, the suspects hit people, causing welts and bruising.

Please contact police if you have any information about the spree.