Panel addresses drunk driving

Every 50 minutes someone dies in a drunk driving crash.  That's why MADD Nebraska organizes a victim impact panel two to three times a month for people convicted of DUI and MIP.

MADD says the purpose of the panel is to humanize the consequences of impaired driving, to change attitudes and behaviors an deter drunk driving.  Panels also give victims an opportunity to heal by sharing their stories to drunk driving offenders and for offenders, a chance to see why they need to change.

Angela Frain was convicted twice of DUI but now she's speaking out against it and sharing the impact the victim panel had on her.  She says, “This stays in the back of my mind.  Hearing other people's stories really makes you stop and think, 'That could have been me.'”

Around 75 people attended the panel.  The other two speakers included a father that lost his daughter in a drunk driving accident and the Beatrice Chief of Police.