Parents call for safer crosswalk on busy road

Posted By:Sarah Fili

The intersection of 84th and Leighton sees thousands of cars every day. With speeds of 50 miles an hour, parents in the neighborhood are raising concerns about letting their children cross the road. They say the area east of 84th is growing quickly and needs a school zone.

"I mean we have a lot of kids that walk from Mickle, pick up younger siblings over here at Kahoa and then live on the other side of 84ht street, but so many parents are deathly afraid of having their kids crossing 84th street that it creates a traffic issues around Kahoa because, well, we all pick up our kids here at Kahoa just to get them across one street,” Travis Langemeier said.

Langemeier’s  kids both attend schools within walking distance of their home east of 84th says he has been working with the city for several years to shed light on the busy intersection.  He says the it’s too dangerous to send children through.

“An ideal situation would be an overpass over 84th street I think that would provide the most safety factor for the kids, the speed limit through there is 50 mile an hour if the speed limit could be reduces to say 40 miles an hour and a school zone put in I think that would help tremendously,” Langemeier said.

His son, a sixth grader, says he doesn’t trust drivers on 84th. He says cars often go flying through the intersection.

“I think an overpass would be better but if we can get one or the other that would be good,” Nolan Langemeier said.

In a letter written last year by Kahoa’s former assistant principal, he says sending children through the crosswalk there is "irresponsible and unsafe."

At the time, he estimated 135 of the 600 kids in the school, or 23%, all have to cross at 84th and Leighton to get home.

The mayor’s office was unavailable to comment but an email chain forwarded to us details plans in may of 2015 for a meeting between city departments and the schools to discuss the issue.

Langemeier said meeting has yet to happen.