Parent’s Of Samantha Spady Speak Out

For the first time, the parents of a Beatrice teenager who died from alcohol poisoning speak out. The parents of Samantha Spady appeared on ABC's Good Morning America. They've decided to turn a tragedy into education for the more than 44 percent of college students who binge drink.

Parents of the Colorado State student, Rick and Patty Spady, are hoping that a new website will help prevent similar tragedies. When the toxicology reports came back and showed their daughter had drank more than the lethal limit of alcohol, they were shocked. The Spady's say they thought their daughter would be the last person to binge drink.

Rick and Patty say there's not enough alcohol education in the universities, and hope their efforts will create a peer to peer program during orientations.

For information on the Sam Spady Foundation, you can go to