Parents promote water safety

Friday was a very special day for one Lincoln family because it was dedicated to their son.  The governor proclaimed it “Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Day” in honor of the little boy who tragically lost his life nearly two years ago in a swimming pool accident.

His parents Blake and Kathy are making sure their tragedy never strikes another family.  The family wrote a book about water safety.  It's called “Josh the Baby Otter” and they take it to schools along with its main character, josh the otter, to teach kids about being careful around water.

They say this has become their life's mission, all of it in honor of their little boy.



It's very special for both of us to know that in joshua's memory a lot of positive things are happening and these reads are very important to do when you see the smiles on the kids faces and when you ask a question and they say oh yah i heard that story 6 months ago.



At the end of the book, the collingsworth's have the children make a pledge, saying they'll always have an adult with them when they're near the water…they hope that sticks with children and prevents any accident from ever happening again.




Currently every kindergarten classroom in lincoln has the josh the baby otter book…and schools as far as florida and nevada also have them…coming up tonight at ten i'll let you know how you can help the family spread their message.