Parents raise awareness after son hit by a car

 By: Sabrina Ahmed

“The more police officers are saying this the more I'm thinking, nobody called the police.”

A Lincoln dad is worried after his son gets hurt and no one is told.

A young boy is hit by a car while riding his bike.  He's fine but some are worried that no adults at the scene called police or the boy's parents.

These parents are taking this chance to raise awareness—when children are involved, they say authorities should be too.

In this residential area near Humann elementary, 11–year–old Parker Danley was hit by a car.  He says the car turned the corner and he didn't see it coming.

When parents in the area checked on him, he seemed fine so no one called police or even the boy's parents.

But when Parker's dad realized how it all happened, he was concerned.

“The side of my leg hit the car first and then I rolled and hit the front of my head on the car and then I went on the ground and hit my leg then hit the back of my head on the concrete,” Parker said.

“He hit his head on the car, he hit his head on the concrete and a lot of sixth graders aren't gonna tell you they're hurt,” Parker's dad said.

The family says they want to take this time raise awareness. Watch out near schools and in neighborhoods because a lot of times, the kids won't.

Parker was wearing a helmet and parents say, without that, things could have been a lot worse.