Parking Boots go into effect

By: Ashley Harding

The city's new parking boot program is now up and running. And it seems to be working. With a warning for violators, parking officials say having at least 5 unpaid tickets can earn you the boot. But you can avoid it if you always remember to plug the meter!

This is what can happen if you forget to pay your parking tickets or if you allow those fines to add up! It's day one for the boot program, and already it's got some saying “then how do I get this off there?”

It may not be a fun addition to your day.  But it sure beats the alternative!

“Towing is a pretty intrusive type of operation here and that's something we want to get away from,” City Parking Manager Ken Smith said.

Officials expect to boot maybe four or five cars per week.  But that number could go up as soon as they locate more violators on the list, and some are good at playing the cat and mouse game.

“They know the times that we come around or they know the situation that happens out there. So when a parking enforcement person walks by, they know, they go jump and move their car into a garage or they move someplace else,” Smith said.

There are many reasons for why you can get a parking ticket. But according to parking services, the main reason is because you've parked at an expired meter and you haven't fed it. That's why it's always a good idea to have some loose change so you don't put yourself at risk of getting the boot.

Parking officials hope this will encourage Lincoln residents to be a little more careful next time! “If we can catch these people and maybe put a little reminder saying you know, “all I gotta do is park in the garage or plug the meter,” Smith said.

If your car gets the boot, you'll have until 10 am the next day to pay all fines. Then it'll be removed. If you don't pay by then, the car could be towed.