Part of South Street Closing

Beginning Monday, May 3, South Street between 17th and 27th will be closed for several weeks. It's one of Lincoln's most significant road construction projects of the summer.

The City will be putting in new curbs, asphalt, lighting and water mains. Area residents agree the repair is sorely needed, but it is going to mean re-routing traffic for a 10-block stretch on one of Lincoln's busiest arterials for three to four months.

Traffic engineers have been holding informational meetings for residents in the area and those primarily affected by the closure. City officials are asking the public to follow detours and not try to take short cuts.

This is the second phase for renovation of South Street. Last summer, it was closed for road-work generally between 27th and Normal Blvd. Next spring and summer, part South Street will again be closed. This time, it will be between 8th and 17th during phase-3 of the project.