Patient Testimonials

I have had both knees replaced and have had very successful treatment at Advance Physical Therapy. I have found Advance Physical Therapy to be more thorough and more concerned with the patient than the larger hospital-oriented centers. Each knee did not respond the same as the other. The therapists at Advance Physical Therapy recognized this and I did not receive a cookie-cutter treatment. My treatment was tailored, not only for me, but for each knee. The choice of a physical therapist can sometimes mean success or failure. My observation of my experience with Advance Physical Therapy convinced me that I made the correct choice.

David C., Lincoln, NE

I encourage anyone in need of physical therapy to see the skilled therapists at Advance Physical Therapy, close to SouthPointe Pavilions in Lincoln. Cindy and Lee are excellent manual and sports therapists whose fun personalities make each treatment a delight. I am 67 and Advance Physical Therapy keeps me able to do the activities I enjoy, be it tennis, aerobics, or hiking. Call their welcoming receptionist, Amy, for an appointment time that will work into anyone's schedule. No hurt is too small to get relief and tips to avoid reinjury.

Phoebe T., Lincoln, NE

I cannot say enough about the benefits that I received from working with Lee Obermeyer and his professional staff. I suffered a substantial injury as a result of a rodeo sports injury and had the pleasure of working with Lee for the better part of two years during surgeries and rehabilitation. Lee was incredibly professional in addressing the seriousness of my injury, but also providing me plenty of human understanding to keep me motivated to keep my attitude strong toward recovery. I believe Lee went beyond his professional responsibilities to fully understand my injury, but also the procedures the surgeons were doing to best design a rehabilitation plan and to fully understand the discomfort I felt as a result of those procedures that affected physical therapy activities. By working with Lee and his well-designed protocol, I was able to recuperate to the fullest extent possible. As a result I can now enjoy all the activities I choose including running, biking, skiing, rollerblading and whatever crosses my mind. This, after a question of whether I would be able to walk without limping, is an incredible blessing to me. I would highly recommend Lee and his staff to anyone needing assistance with physical therapy. Their professional competence combined with their willingness to understand the human conditions of feelings and motivation make for an exceptional program.

Brian L., Lincoln, NE

The office is so inviting and I had no anxiety about going to Advance Physical Therapy. I especially like the staff. They are very professional and they are all so nice. Lee has been my P.T. for several years. I continue to go back to him because I always get results. I also enjoy my visits! They have top P.T.'s and top equipment. Amy, the office supervisor is also great!

Jane A., Lincoln, NE

Physical Therapy has been a very positive experience for me. I like that there are only therapists that work with the patients and not assistants. Having my therapist with me for my entire visit every time, not only makes me feel important, but that my time and money is well spent.; I feel that my therapist knows my personality well enough to make me work to my highest capacity. I like how he reassures me that I am progressing and that I will reach my goal.

Sharon R., Lincoln, NE

I have been a patient at Advance Physical Therapy on more than one occasion. I have found the staff to be caring, professional, and accessible. Each staff member listens thoroughly to patient needs to develop a complete and correct plan of therapy to assist the patient in healing. Appointments are on time and at a time convenient for the patient. Lee, Cindy, and Amy are all experienced in their areas, and their expertise benefits each patient. Their pleasant attitude, professional demeanor, and sincere caring are attributes in patient care. I would highly recommend Advance Physical Therapy to anyone for excellent therapy.

Fran C., Lincoln, NE

I sometimes think that I have had more orthopedic surgeries than the Bionic Man. I have also visited and received treatment from many of the physical therapy offices in Lincoln. However, after my last two surgeries (rotator cuff & total knee replacement) I decided to try Advance Physical Therapy. It was one of the best and wisest decisions I have ever made. Lee, Cindy, and Amy are true professionals. I received individual, caring, and understanding physical therapy from the staff at Advance Physical Therapy. I would not hesitate to refer my friends (and I have) to Advance Physical Therapy, and should I ever require physical therapy again, I will feel extremely confident and comfortable returning to Advance Physical Therapy. In my opinion, Advance Physical Therapy is the best.

Floyd C., Lincoln, NE

I have been a patient of Advance Physical Therapy since they opened. I have had chronic work-related joint problems for a long time. First my elbows and then shoulder problems later and post-surgical issues. Since the problems were chronic I saw a lot of these folks at Advance, especially Lee. I had a lot of pain when I started as I was still doing the job that caused the problems. They were very concerned and professional from the first. They always have communicated what the treatment plans were and the goals that we were aiming for. I always felt that I was an active participant in the plan. There was great communication between Lee and myself and even between Lee and my doctor when necessary. It was just like a team working to get me better, from Amy the receptionist to Lee and Cindy, the therapists. I got to know these folks pretty well over the months that I was there and became very fond of them – not just because they were helping me with my pain and getting me better – (which they did, by the way!) but just because they were knowledgeable, fun people who were very easy to talk to and be around. I never felt ignored or that they didn't really know who I was, or that they didn't have time for me, as had been my experience at other places. They were great all the way around from scheduling to treatment to dealing with insurance… there wasn't any area that was lacking. I have only the highest praise for all of them. They were patient and knowledgeable but also knew when to drive me to go to the next level. I really appreciate all of that. There is no doubt that if I or my family members or friends ever need physical therapy that the only place I would consider going or sending anyone to would be to Advance Physical Therapy.

Barb O., Lincoln, NE

Being senior citizens, we highly recommend Advance Physical Therapy for your therapy needs. The people that work there always take the time to greet us and remember our names. The facility is clean and everything is in its place. We receive one on one individual attention and help for one hour. Our therapist is consistently prepared and ready for us. Lee and Cindy are professional and will answer your questions with clarity. We feel good about our progress when we are done. Good results have helped us have a positive attitude. Advance Physical Therapy is the place for you.

Mel & Darlene B., Lincoln, NE