Paying Tribute

This weekend we pay tribute to our nation's soldiers and veterans.

Many are saluting the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country.

A lot of us look at Memorial Day weekend as a three day stretch away from work.

But for the people we spoke to it's so much more than just that.

“We're here to pay tribute to our family members who served in the service,” says Gerry McCracken.

And that's why Gerry McCracken is just one person making up the steady flow of visitors to the final resting spot for hundreds of brave men and women.

Every stone sits peacefully this holiday weekend and every one of them with an American flag blowing in the wind.

Mothers, fathers and siblings are all there.

Rich Hubbard says why driving to Lincoln all the way from Council Bluffs was something he had to do.

Hubbard says, “For us it gives us some time to think about people in our family and what they contributed to our lives and our veterans and what they contributed to our lives.”

They helped preserve our freedom.

For both Hubbard and McCracken they also inspired them to join the service.

Veterans themselves, they have a message for you.

“I would say if you see a veteran tell them thank you.”

“Honor the people who have served in any branch of the service because they paid a price maybe not the ultimate but they have spent part of their life defending this country.”

If you'd like to help commemorate the holiday you'll have two chances on Monday with two special ceremonies.

One will be at Wyuka Cemetery at 9 AM.

Another will be Antelope Park's Veteran's Memorial Garden east of the Auld Recreation Center (3140 Sumner Street) at 8 PM.