Peeping Tom victim speaks out

By:  Ian Hest

A Lincoln woman says she didn't get much sleep Thursday night after being terrorized earlier in the day by a masked man.

Since Thursday morning police say a prowler has made the skin crawl on more than a half dozen women around Lincoln.  Many are in the northeast part of town.

In one case, the man told a woman through a window he would shoot her if she didn't take off her clothes.  In another, Pamela Lowery says the prowler was peeking through her 7–year–old son's window when she saw him. That was on the westside..

Lowery says she had heard about other cases from watching Channel 8, but never thought she would fall victim.

“I see it on the news and think 'O my goodness. That's horrible. I feel for those people,' And then to have it happen to me and know what those people are feeling, I reach out to them because it's horrible and I know how they feel,” says Lowery.

She immediately called her husband who was at work.  He had her call the police who are still on the lookout.

“Disgusted comes to mind at first. I'm definitely disgusted because I just think it's a disgusting thing that this person is doing.”

Officers describe the man as wearing all black including a black ski mask and gloves.

Lowery says she and her children are too scared to sleep in their rooms.  Instead, they huddle together on couches downstairs.  And for now, she doesn't expect to be gazing out her windows anytime soon.

“My blinds are closed today. Yes they are and that's even with my husband here, but I can't imagine that I will be opening by blinds anytime soon.”

This incident happened in a separate part of town later in the day than the other ones, so police are considering if all of these are strung together or perhaps it could be a second prowler.