Pelini doesn’t know if he’ll be disciplined for comments against fans

Posted By:  KLKN Sports

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) _ Nebraska coach Bo Pelini says he doesn't know if he'll be disciplined for his profane comments about Cornhuskers fans that were included in an audio recording leaked to sports website 

Pelini said Tuesday he was shocked when he found out the 2-year-old audio had been posted online .  Pelini repeatedly uses an expletive to refer to what he calls “fair-weather'' fans after a 34-27 win over Ohio State. He was upset fans had left the stadium when Nebraska trailed in the third quarter. 

Pelini said the off-air conversation with radio announcer Greg Sharpe was private and happened at an emotional time and not “representative of how I feel.''  He said he didn't know who leaked the audio.